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About Ameta/profile
Apostle Francis Ameta was born and raised in Kenya by a Ugandan father who ran away from Uganda due to the massive persecution under the regime of Idi Amin Dada. He gave his life to the lord Jesus in 1991, and latter met his wife Dorcas after five years in salvation, in the second largest slums in Africa known as Kibera in the city of Nairobi.
Since then Ameta has not been ashamed of the gospel of Jesus. While in the slums Ameta’s faith and prayer life grew stronger. The Holy Spirit gave him step-by-step instructions each day that has resulted into the crying for souls and the Nations of the world. One of his jobs was to evangelize to the slums dwellers and singing in the outreach meetings.
The call of God upon his lives to reach out to the unreached people groups with the gospel, teach and train God’s people in intercession and prayer. Called as an apostolic and prophetic speaker Ameta has written several books and travels extensively with the burden raising prayer altars.
Ameta is an un-compromised vessel for Jesus who understands the times and seasons we are living in and encourage the body of Christ to ask God for holy living and the fear of God. As he moves to the nations, he feels fulfilled as he equips the believers to be a prophetic territorial praying church with an unstoppable and resilient power of prayer.
Currently, Apostle Francis Ameta is reaching our Global by holding Prayer conferences, Schools of prayer and the Prophetic worshipper’s camps in an effort to prepare an Apostolic and Prophetic end time generation for the day of The Lord.
Ameta and his family are living in Athi River about 30 km from the city of Nairobi in Kenya as they raise and establishing Prayer altar as the base for their ministry to the nations with the launch of a new local church, Jesus Prayer Chapel.


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